6 Best Practices for Commercial Fleets to Reduce Insurance Premiums

Fleet of Cars Seibert Insurance Agency Tampa FL

Are you tired of increasing premiums when you have had no accidents?! Seibert Insurance Agency in Tampa, FL shares 6 Best Practices that are sure to head off premium increases for commercial vehicles. 

If the best practices are implemented, not only will they decrease the likelihood of an accident – they will decrease the cost you are paying for your commercial fleet insurance in Florida! 

Daily 60-second Safety Inspection

  1. Look for low tire pressure, ladder not secured properly, blinkers not working, etc.
  2. If documented and logged regularly – mitigates liability for the company

Click here for a free example.

Auto Fleet Safety Policy

  1. Sets the expectation for the driver
  2. Lays out the steps for discipline if tickets/accidents do occur
  3. Mitigates liability for the company

Click here for a copy of free example.

GPS Tracking Devices

Track speed, route, fast acceleration, hard braking

We recommend these companies that offer this service:

http://uniqueotto.com/ **local to Tampa Bay Area



Dash cams are another great investment for fleet liability claims.  Today, companies can use video to protect commercial fleets and monitor events in the case of an accident.

Quarterly Safety Training

  1. Reminds drivers of the importance of safely driving
  2. If documents and logged – mitigates liability for the company

Click here for a free example.

Incentive Program for Drivers

Reward drivers for logging safety inspections and being accident/ticket free 

Click here for an example incentive program guideline. 

Regular Vehicle Maintenance Log 

Evidence of regularly scheduled service on the vehicle helps to mitigate liability for the company

Click here for a copy of a free maintenance log.

If a commercial client were to buy these resources, it would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Have a  local fleet (plumbing, electrical companies, housekeeping, etc.), Seibert Insurance Agency in Tampa Bay is here to help any fleet of 10 or more vehicles. Contact our Tampa insurance agency today to learn your commercial auto insurance options!

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