Fleet Insurance in Florida 

Whether you own a business with just one car or a fleet of vehicles, purchasing commercial auto insurance in Florida, and being properly covered is a necessity. The vehicles can vary from cars, to vans, to tow trucks and to even semi-trucks. A fleet could be a single car to multiple cars that are company owned. Regardless of the amount and type of vehicle, your cars need to be adequately insured.  

Fleet insurance is just one policy offered by Seibert Insurance Agency that will provide liability insurance coverage for all of your company’s vehicles. This gives your employees a safety net if they cause an accident while driving a vehicle from your fleet.  

Picture this: 

  • Hail, fire or vandalism damages your company car, 
  • A darting pedestrian causes you to lose control of your truck or 
  • An uninsured driver hits your fleet vehicle. 

Business auto insurance is an important safeguard for your company and can protect against these unfortunate incidents. If you or your employee is sued following a serious accident, liability insurance will help protect your company’s assets and allow your business to move forward without a loss in profitability. 

Why Choose Our Tampa Insurance Agents 

As independent agents, Seibert Insurance Agency in Tampa offers a variety of affordable insurance plan(s) based on your needs and price point. Our experienced Florida insurance agents will help find the coverage that would be best for you. In Florida, auto insurance rates for commercial vehicles are usually more expensive than personal cars. This is because generally, business vehicles are on the road much more than just driving to and from work. 

Get a Commerical Car Insurance Quote for Your Fleet 

Learn why business car insurance is one of the easiest risk management decisions you can make, and why fleet insurance is so important. Call Seibert Insurance Agency today or fill out the free quote form to keep you, your business and employees protected! Let our Tampa insurance agents help navigate coverage options and make recommendations to fit your needs.