Professional Liability Insurance

Professionals are people. Even the best professionals occasionally make mistakes.

With the right Professional Liability Insurance policy you can return to the priorities of running your business, confident that the insurance company will be protecting your interests during the many steps of the legal process.

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No one expects or intends to make an error or omission that harms a client, but we all know that mistakes do happen. Even if you’re not at fault, a disgruntled client could bring a lawsuit against you.

Wondering if you’re at risk?

Among the vulnerable are consultants, medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, architects, charities and non-profits—basically any business that sells a service, which is why most of these professionals invest in Professional Liability Insurance.

These accusations might be unfounded, but they can damage your reputation and finances anyway. And even if you have other liability policies in place, they don’t cover these types of losses.

Some examples of claims your client can make against you include:

  • A lawyer loses a client’s case because he didn’t file the suit on time
  • A software developer creates a program with a glitch that prevents a business from being able to operate and as a consequence loses thousands of dollars
  • A locksmith installs a door lock improperly and people are not able to evacuate out of a building

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Our Testimonials

“We have 3 different policies (hazard, flood, & auto) through Seibert and remain very happy with their agent service. They are professional and always searching to find the best policy to suit the customer’s needs and at the same time trying to keep the costs low for us. Recommendable Agency.”

– Scott P.

“All of the staff at Seibert Insurance is knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional. We have used this company for many years and highly recommend them for all insurance.”

– Joe D.

“As a business professional, I require more than simply a company that can sell me insurance. It is imperative that my insurance agency be able to evaluate the types and amounts of insurance that I need. Seibert Insurance Agency has employees that are knowledgeable and capable of making sound recommendations and finding the right policy.”

– David Lipscomb, P.A.

“Seibert Insurance Agency has always treated us like family. They are sincere, honest and will always bring to our attention ways for us to provide better insurance protection for our family and home. They do not pressure us into purchasing a policy that they feel we do not need. That is one of the many reasons why we are and will remain faithful customers to Seibert Insurance.”

– Shirley Deroche

“In these economic hard times, Seibert Insurance Agency has gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to help me save money on ALL of my coverages. I have had several agencies contact me to change from Seibert and I have told them that they could not give me the service that Seibert has.”

– Frank Guida

“We appreciate the level of expertise that Seibert Insurance Agency brings to their work, their concern for our business success, and their business integrity. I recommend my friends and clients knowing that they will receive forthright, appropriate advice at a reasonable rate.”

– Heather Delafield


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