Learn About Florida Personal Watercraft (PWC) Insurance

In Florida, if you keep your boat at a local marina or boatyard they may require you to carry boat insurance. But, what about all those private lakes around our state? Many of our clients tell us “I live on a private lake, I don’t have to have insurance on my jet skis/boats”. It is […]

Do you need to buy rental car insurance?

Maybe you have been in the same situation. Your flight just landed, you have picked up your luggage and now you are at the rental car counter. You are tired from the flight and already thinking about ordering room service at the hotel when you are asked, “Would you like insurance with your rental car?” […]

Cybersecurity Insurance: Are small businesses vulnerable to hacking?

A data breach is nothing to joke about. According to the Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Data Breach Survey, the average organizational cost of a data breach was $3.8 million in 2019. Imagine the damages a data breach could cause a business, especially a small business. It is a common misconception that small businesses will never […]

The Florida Home Insurance Market is in Crisis

The Florida home insurance market has finally reached its breaking point. After many years of warning, the market has started to take a turn for the worst. It is a complicated issue with many moving parts. To make the best insurance decisions for you, we want to ensure you are informed about the current situation. […]

Teen Drivers

Risk is the highest at age 16, when the fatal crash rate is 40 percent higher than for 18 year-olds and 30 percent higher than for 19-year-olds.

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